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Download Bohemia Vich Pardesan De Album 2002_.zip Free

Download Bohemia Vich Pardesan De 2002_.zip Free
Bohemia's First Album Vich Pardesan De is not Much Popular But It is a great startup of Punjabi Rap Star Bohemia. It released in 2002 and Music type is Tap and Hip-Hop. We already know that bohemia rapping on his lifestyle so in this album he similarly do this. He explain in this album his life experience of Foreign Land that refers to Punjabi word Vich Pardesan De. Now Today we share a Fresh Download Link to Full Album of Bohemia Vich Pardesan De 2002.

Vich Pardesan De 2002 Full Album :

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  1. Best rapper ever I HV seen in Urdu and Punjabi great !!! Honey Singh is nothing in front of Bohemia