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Download Bohemia - Pesa Nasha Pyar [Full_Album_2006] .ZIP

Hi Guys You already Know that we are Extremely a Bohemians and a Big Fans of Bohemia - The Legend. So Today we Share a Full Albums of Bohemia that is "Pesa Nasha Pyar" This is the Second Album of Bohemia Released in Year 2006 that Gone Hit in all Radios. In Album Pesha Nasha Pyar Bohemia Usually tells About his Lifestyle and other Stories of his Life about Difficulties and Other Situation of his Life. Bohemia Write his Lifestyle in his Songs and Show his Message in His Song. We Already Share many Albums and Singles of Bohemia Here.

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Download Bohemia - Pesa Nasha Pyar [Full_Album_2006] .ZIP

Album: Pesa Nasha Pyar
Artist: Bohemia The Punjabi Rapper
Music: Sha One , Universal Music Inc.
Year: 2006

1. Intro
2. D E S I
3. Do Dat Dance
4. Gangsta Shit
5. Veera
6. For Rilly Though
7. Favourite Spot Featuring Sin
8. Kurti Featuring Sir Punj
9. Sahara Featuring K Ji
10. Mundiyan To Bachke Featuring.. Curta C
11. Kali Denali
12. Welcome To The Outfit
13. 2 Of The Best Featuring RD
14. Chordo
15. Bhul Ja
16. Nachiye
17. Remind Me
18. The Message

19. Sade Warga


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